Meat Box - BBQ for 4

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Enjoy our delicious BBQ for 4 Meat Box. No fuss, just great, natural taste.

1.88kg of Quality meat from UK & EU Chicken, Beef and Pork:

  • 4 x 4oz (120g) Beef Burgers = 480g
  • 4 x 55g Home Made Traditional Pork Sausages (95% Pork) = 220g.
  • 4 x 120g Chicken Skewers = 500g
  • 4 x 170g (6oz) Grass Fed Rump Steaks = 680g
  • Supplied with at least 4 days life.
  • Keep refrigerated and suitable for home freezing.




INGREDIENTS: 95% Beef, Burger Mix (Contains WHEAT (GLUTEN), SOYA and SULPHITE), Rusk (Contains WHEAT  (GLUTEN) Flour). ALLERGENS: Contains SULPHITE, WHEAT (GLUTEN) AND SOYA. May contain traces of MILK, EGG and MUSTARD.



INGREDIENTS: 90% Pork, Rusk (Contains WHEAT (GLUTEN) Flour), Sausage Flavouring (Contains Preservative = SULPHITE and SOYA). ALLERGENS: Contains SULPHITE, WHEAT (GLUTEN) AND SOYA. May contain traces of MILK, EGG and MUSTARD

*Being traditionally homemade, there will be some size variations (unlike machine made supermarket sausages).*